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Snip, snip, hurray! We’ve reached our 150,000th spay/neuter milestone

It’s a distinct yr for the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society. Now not handiest are we celebrating our 150th anniversary in 2023, we additionally carried out our 150,000th spay/neuter process! Thus far, we’ve averted an out of this world 4,010,640 kittens and a couple of,816,280 domestic dogs from contributing to puppy overpopulation. 

Prime-volume products and services  

To assist cut back puppy overpopulation, the Ontario SPCA started providing high-volume spay/neuter products and services to the general public in 2009 when it opened the Ontario SPCA Centre Veterinary Health facility close to Newmarket. Mirroring the good fortune of that carrier, the Ontario SPCA Marion Vernon Memorial Animal Medical institution in Barrie transitioned that very same yr to solely providing high-volume spay/neuter products and services.  

Spaying/neutering saves lives  

The spay/neuter products and services presented through the Ontario SPCA are open to the general public, shelters and rescue teams, irrespective of geography or source of revenue degree.Spaying and neutering animals lowers refuge consumption numbers, can cut back well being dangers and bodily pressure, and too can give a boost to behaviour. Mounted pets also are much less prone to roam, lowering the danger of damage, twist of fate and loss. 

Large numbers, large affect 

The numbers talk for themselves. Do you know that one unspayed feminine canine can produce as many as 80 domestic dogs in her lifetime, and one unspayed feminine cat could have as many as 120 kittens all through the process her lifestyles? That’s why animals followed in the course of the Ontario SPCA are spayed or neutered, in conjunction with being vaccinated and microchipped.  

Spay it ahead  

For those who’ve already spayed or neutered you hairy circle of relatives member, thanks! You’ve taken a very powerful step to assist cut back puppy overpopulation, because of this fewer homeless animals in shelters.  

Need to do extra? Please believe “spaying it ahead” through donating against the price of a spay or neuter procedures for a canine or cat in our care. Click on right here to spay it ahead for a canine. Or click on right here if you happen to’d love to spay it ahead for a cat. 

For more info on spay/neuter products and services, together with appointment reserving choices, discuss with ontariospca.ca/spayneuter  






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