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5 Techniques Freshworks CMO Stacey Epstein Leads Thru Exchange

As an skilled tech CEO and entrepreneur, I’ve observed firsthand the significance of management, particularly all through difficult instances.

It was once an enlightening enjoy after we had the privilege to listen to from Freshworks CMO, Stacey Epstein, all through our Management Day of G2’s contemporary company-wide Midyear Meetup. 

A member of our newly shaped Govt Advisory Board and an acclaimed undertaking instrument veteran who has helped construct many iconic SaaS manufacturers – together with SAP SuccessFactors, ServiceMax, and now Freshworks – Stacey isn’t any stranger to the stormy climate of industrial.

Right through her consultation with us, she shared her viewpoint on main via exchange, which resonated deeply with our team of G2 leaders. Listed below are the distilled key courses from Stacey’s a long time of enjoy.

1. Care for a “refusing to lose” mentality

Stacey, a former collegiate football participant, when put next industry to sports activities, the use of NBA phenom Steph Curry as a poignant instance. Regardless of his somewhat small 5’6” stature in highschool, Curry refused to undertake a shedding mentality – an manner that Stacey followed in her position as a CEO.

She have been in what she referred to as a dire state of affairs: going through challenge after challenge, when not anything was once going proper. However she maintained that mentality of refusing to lose and located a trail ahead.

Her industry reached the a hit result of having got, which she credit to the perseverance of herself and her management workforce – weathering the typhoon, regardless of how lengthy it will take.

2. Understand that financial and industry cycles are brief

Each Stacey and I percentage the fight scars of financial downturns. She advises that we will have to have in mind those cycles are brief and encourages speaking this viewpoint to groups, which is significant for fighting morale decay when going through demanding situations.

Underscoring the cyclical nature of industrial, Stacey shared an instance of running as a gross sales rep previous in her profession. Regardless of touchdown a terrific deal she labored tough on, the following quarter, she was once again not to having sufficient pipeline and wondering how she would make her numbers.

Relatively than getting mired in temporary difficulties and the brief nature of financial and industry cycles, she makes a speciality of the lengthy view that onerous instances will move. Speaking this viewpoint to groups prevents morale from sinking when hindrances rise up.

3. Empathize together with your workforce and take away hindrances for them

In tricky instances, figuring out your workforce’s private motivations turns into extra the most important than ever. Stacey emphasizes adopting a hands-on manner, the place leaders actively paintings to know and take away the limitations their groups face, slightly than simply dictating orders.

This creates a unified, motivated workforce, even within the direst instances. Even supposing the workforce isn’t profitable proper then, it’s going to band them in combination to really feel and know they’re all a part of the similar venture.

4. Prioritize sustainable expansion over temporary metrics

Amid the chaos of daily and rising record of deliverables, it is simple to lose sight of without equal function: development a successful, sustainably rising industry. Stacey believes in raising this concept because the North Famous person that aligns all the workforce.

Reaching the ones long-term objectives can best happen when groups are aligned on environment friendly objectives via OKRs and roles/obligations workout routines.

5. Let unfavorable feelings move and take motion to resolve issues

Stacey practices letting unfavorable feelings move and unexpectedly shifts into problem-solving mode. Whether or not it’s via a rejuvenating hike or a strategic pivot within the industry, motion is her treatment for paralysis that negativity can induce.

When confronted with issues, she’s now not one to reside. She’s in a position to seek out answers, a lesson she actively imparts to her workforce. Stacey’s recommendation to include workout to lend a hand unfavorable feelings move and shift into problem-solving mode resonates with me deeply.

To be a mindful chief, I block one hour on a daily basis for an out of doors job that I revel in – going for a run, motorbike experience, hike, or hitting the gymnasium. I at all times really feel clear-headed and energized after I go back. 

That specialize in the long-term

In the end, Stacey’s management taste is a mix of hard-won knowledge, empathy, and unshakeable focal point at the long-term imaginative and prescient. It’s not almost about surviving the demanding situations; it’s about main a united and motivated workforce that prospers regardless of them. 

Reflecting on Stacey’s courses, the principle message I’ve for our workforce at G2 and different industry leaders navigating tricky instances is that this: It’s simple to be mired in nowadays, the place budgets are being reduce and we’re now not rising up to we’d like. However as leaders, now we have a chance to check our attainable if we include a “refusing to lose” mentality, keep centered at the long-term imaginative and prescient, and notice those difficulties as mere brief levels.



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