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Tofugu’s Be told Kana Quiz: Follow Hiragana and Katakana

On the lookout for a easy device to follow studying hiragana and katakana, as again and again as you wish to have to?

Smartly, Tofugu’s Be told Kana Quiz could be an ideal device for you.

We if truth be told made this kana quiz device a couple of years in the past as a significant other to our Be told Hiragana Information and Be told Katakana Information. Since then, many novice stage Jap inexperienced persons have used it as a device to check their kana wisdom, and easily follow studying kana again and again.

There are some things that we adore about our kana quiz device. And I am hoping you can like them too.

  • You’ll be able to make a choice which kana you wish to have to follow.
    In case you are nonetheless seeking to memorize all of the kana, you’ll need to be quizzed with simply the kana you’ve gotten already studied. Many quiz gear can help you follow a collection of randomly-picked kana. Whilst those can also be nice for when you find yourself already aware of all of the kana. Our quiz device allows you to choose which kana you wish to have to follow through the kana column. That means you’ll center of attention on handiest the precise ones you wish to have to follow.

    selecting characters on tofugu learn kana quiz

  • You are pressured to “take a look at” recalling.
    Quiz gear generally provide the proper resolution straight away whilst you get one thing fallacious. Smartly, our quiz device does not. It’s because we wish you to check out onerous to recall what the nature is. There is no reason why to speed right here. Take your time staring and being attentive to the form of the nature. Take a look at to keep in mind the way you become aware of the nature within the first position (“What used to be the mnemonic I used for this kana?” and many others.).
    typing incorrect answers on tofugu learn kana quiz
  • You’ll be able to establish the kana you might be nonetheless having bother with.
    Within the effects web page, you can see which kana you had a difficult time with. It’ll display you the kana that you were given unsuitable, together with the choice of failed makes an attempt you made. This tells you which ones kana you’ll need to put additional center of attention on. Possibly tracing over that kana together with your finger would lend a hand. Or, if the kana’s mnemonic isn’t slightly running for you, you’ll even get a hold of your individual means to keep in mind it.
    the results page of the tofugu learn kana quiz

…Does it sound like one thing you wish to have to check out out? Tofugu’s Be told Kana Quiz is to be had without cost out at the wild web. Test it out!



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