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Potato Makes use of, Therapies, Qualities

By means of Dr Renita D’Souza


Potato (Solanum tuberosum) is a well known meals crop cultivated international. Repeatedly referred to as White potato or Irish potato. Potato being strong meals, it additionally possesses medicinal values. Culmination aren’t appropriate for intake because it incorporates the poisonous alkaloid solanine. Potatoes are wealthy supply of starch and this potato starch bureaucracy an adulterant of good flours and starches. Potatoes additionally shape crucial supply of alcohol. 

Sliced potato's

Botanical Identify – Solanum tuberosum
Circle of relatives – Solanaceae
Synonyms – Solanum andigenum, Battata tuberosa, Lycopersicon tuberosum (L. Mill.), Parmentiera edulis

Medicinal Qualities

Style (Rasa) – Madhura (Candy)
High quality (Guna) – Guru (heavy to digest), Ruksha (dry)
Efficiency (Virya) – Shitha (chilly)
Motion (Karma)
Vishtambhi – reasons bloating
Srishta Mutra Mala – is helping in formation and expulsion of urine and stools.
Durjara – Tough to digest
Raktapittanut – helpful in rakthapitta (bleeding problems)
Balya – promotes power
Vrishya – Aphrodisiac

Impact on Tridoshas
Kaph-anila kara – Will increase kapha and vata dosha

Phase Used

Tuber, Leaves

Botanical Description

Solanum tuberosum is a perennial hairy herb that grows as much as 60 cm in peak. Leaves are pinnate with a unmarried terminal leaflet, leaflets typically 5-9, huge, ovate with smaller leaflets in between. Plant life white, red, crimson, blue or red with yellow stamens. Culmination are round to ovoid berry, 2-4 cm in diameter, inexperienced color, each and every containing 300 seeds. Rhizomes originate from basal stem nodes underneath the bottom with as much as 3 rhizome in keeping with node.


Solanum tuberosum is a local of The us and was once introduced into India via the Portuguese. It’s cultivated around the globe. It’s best grown in cool climates.

Flower of potatoes

‘Potato Meal’

Mueller (L. Klin. Woch) recommends potato meal to babies.

Potatoes are smartly washed, wiped clean and sliced.
Those slices are then dries at a low temperature now not exceeding 400C.
Slices which include hulls are powdered, roasted rather at 500 to 550C temperature.
At this temperature conversion of starch into dextrin takes position.

This powder incorporates herbal constituents corresponding to minerals, albuminoids and nutrients.
Reference – Indian Materia Medica, Vol 1 By means of A.Okay Nadkarni

Dietary Values

Solanum tuberosum consists of starch and wealthy in mineral corresponding to potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, sulphur and copper. Nutrients found in potato are beta-carotene, nutrition A, C, B1, B2, B6, and folic acid.


  1. Poultice ready from potatoes boiled in water is used to boiling potatoes in water is utilized in rheumatic joints, swellings, pores and skin rashes and haemorrhoids.
  2. Paste of raw potatoe is carried out in burns and scalds as a calming plaster.
  3. Potato pores and skin is utilized in burns and swollen gums.
  4. In Constipation, boiled / steamed potato intake will lend a hand in formation of soppy stools and its simple expulsion. If fed on in extra it’ll motive flatulence.
  5. Uncooked potato juice is used to regard gastric and intestinal ulcers.
  6. Potato slices are saved over eyes to regard darkish circles.
  7. In continual cough, leaf extract is used. It acts as antispasmodic.

Pharmacological Actions

Solanum tuberosum possess Antioxidant, Anticancer, Antiallergy, Antibacterial, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Weight problems and Anti-Ulcer Job

Medicinal makes use of

Anaemia – Potatoes are wealthy iron and folic acid; therefore it may be advisable in Anaemia.
Burns, Rashes – Because of its soothing belongings, potatoes carried out externally may also be advisable in pores and skin irritations.
Gastritis, Colitis, Intestinal ulcers – It possess anti-ulcer and therapeutic houses.

Chemical Constituents

Solanum tuberosum possess phytochemicals corresponding to phenolic acids, flavonoids, phytates, folates, anthocyanins and carotenoids.

Small offshoot of potato


Aaluka and its types discussed in Bhavaprakasha Nighantu, is regarded as to be that of Dioscorea species.


In line with Bhavamishra, there are 6 kinds of Aaluka
1. Kaashtaaluka – Tubers are onerous. In Hindi it’s referred to as Kataalu
2. Shankhaaluka – white in colour. Referred to as Shankaalu in Hindi
3. Hasthyaaluka – Massive in dimension
4. Pindaaluka – Globular in form. Repeatedly referred to as Suthani or Pindaalu.
5. Madvaaluka – It’s candy in style and outter floor is bushy. It’s referred to as Deerg suthani in Hindi
6. Raktaaluka – It’s crimson in colour. Repeatedly it’s referred to as rakthaalu, rathaalu / rathanda.

Sanskrit As opposed to

Sanskrit verses om potatoes

References for Aluka in Ayurveda Briyattrayis

Acharya Charaka discussed potato as maximum unwholesome a few of the tubers. (C.S Su 25/39).
Aaluka (Potato) is discussed one in all the shaaka varga (Vegetable) – (C.S. Su 27/98)
Acharya Sushrutha and Vagbhata have additionally discussed this plant in S.S Su 46/298 and A .H Su 6/93 respectively.

Classical Categorization

Bhavaprakasha Nighantu – Shaaka varga

Medical Classification

Kingdom – Plantae
Subkingdom – Viridaeplantae
Department – Tracheophyta
Subdivision – Spermatophytina
Elegance – Magnoliopsida
Order – Solanales
Circle of relatives – Solanaceae
Genus – Solanum
Species – S. tuberosum

Vernacular Names

English Identify – Potato
Sanskrit Identify – Golakandah
Hindi Identify – Alu
Gujrati Identify – Papeta
Bengali Identify – Golalu
Marathi Identify – Batata
Malayalam Identify – Urulakkilan
Kannada Identify – Batate, Alugadde
Konkani Identify – Botate
Tamil Identify – Urulaikkizhangu, Urala-kalangu
Telugu Identify – Bangaaladumpa, Urlagadda
French Identify – pomme de terre
Portuguese Identify – Batata
Spanish Identify – Papa
Germany Identify – Kartappe

Sanskrit Synonyms

Aaruka, Aarooka, Veerasena, Veera, Veeraaruka, Aaluka

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